Who will be crowned the Ludus Star Champion?

Group Stages

Total Points

Round 1Round 2Round 3Total
1United Kingdom(Great Britain)AshleyAshley McKenzieJudo3227
2Russian FederationUaliUali KurzhevSambo2136
3BrazilRenataRenata MarinhoBJJ1315

Round 1

Response Time
Avg. ResultPoints
1United Kingdom(Great Britain)Ashleyic-play-medAshley McKenzieJudo0.2973
2Russian FederationUaliic-play-medUali KurzhevSambo0.3312
3BrazilRenataic-play-medRenata MarinhoBJJ0.4051

Round 2


Avg. ResultPoints
1BrazilRenataic-play-medRenata MarinhoBJJ0.0373
2United Kingdom(Great Britain)Ashleyic-play-medAshley McKenzieJudo0.0822
3Russian FederationUaliic-play-medUali KurzhevSambo0.0831

Round 3

Explosive Power

Avg. ResultPoints
1Russian FederationUaliic-play-medUali KurzhevSambo0.5303
2United Kingdom(Great Britain)Ashleyic-play-medAshley McKenzieJudo0.5722
3BrazilRenataic-play-medRenata MarinhoBJJ0.7281

Golden Point


Group C

SPSNumber of Strikes
1HungaryBotondic-playBotond NagyKarate0.61637
2United States of America(USA)Damian 1ic-playDamian VillaTaekwondo0.58335

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