Aiming for the top?
Want to optimize your athlete’s training?

The Ludus smart paddle allows the measurement, tracking and analyzing of your athletes performances, in real-time.

Train and test your athletes with objective measurements to see their improvement over time and to know where their true potential lies.

With your expertise, this easy-to-use technology will become the perfect additive to help you take your training methods to a new level.


Improve your athletes through objective measurement and training

LUDUS System

For the first time, objectively track and measure your cognitive and athletic performance, while connecting to a community of athletes and coaches from all martial arts and fitness styles. 

Join now and connect online from your club, your gym, or your home, so you can begin tracking. 


Measure, track, and improve your core cognitive and athletic skills:

Response Time

The time it takes to respond to a simple stimulation. The lower the score, the better your response time.

Explosive Power

Maximum power in minimal time in techniques where resistance is applied. The lower the score, the more explosive power you have.


The execution of a technique as many times as possible within a certain timeframe. The more strikes you execute, the higher your stamina. 


The ability to time the execution of a technique. The closest your score is to the target time, the better your timing ability.

Decision Making

The response time when you have to respond to two different signals. The lower the score, the better you are at making decisions quickly.

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