About Ludus Alliance

Ludus Alliance is a For-Profit Sporting Organization that uses sports technology to create communities across different martial arts and fitness styles. 

At the core of our sporting community is the ability to train and measure the cognitive and athletic skills that are core to any martial artist or athlete. These skills include Response Time, Decision Making, Timing, Explosive Power, and Stamina. 

From the moment you can measure these skills, you can begin training and improving as well. You can also compete in competitions and challenges based on these skills for the first time. 



Bring the martial arts world together and lead a revolution that incorporates the ancient traditions in today’s technological era.

Create a respectful platform for athletes and coaches while raising their popularity and exposure (unlike their current status).

Build an organization, without politics, based on traditional martial arts principles such as honesty, respect, and perseverance


Interactive Content

Our interactive content provides new tools for coaches, including group missions, challenges and online competitions. The interactive content will be embedded in our products (event system and apps), this interactive content will appear by videos that call the warriors to physically perform different tasks by using the combat simulator.

A New Sport

Our sport is called “Athletic Martial Art” (AMA). It is based on measuring the different abilities of each warrior by our CS-System. Through our virtual center, we invite all martial artists to connect and compete with different clubs around the world. The warriors can compete without leaving their country / their club.